What makes a website successful?

Have you ever seen websites that look ugly and have colour combinations, such as red text on a yellow background, which are hard to read and put a strain on the eyes? If you too have such a website, you can rest assured that it will never be successful and individuals who visit it once will never visit it again. In such circumstances, you need the help of companies that provide it solutions, as they can make a changeover of your website band make it attractive. There are other factors too that influence the success of a website, and we shall be discussing about them too.

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The need for a functional, attractive website

In order to be successful, your website needs to be attractive as well as functional. Having a broken link (a link that leads to nowhere) speaks volumes about the bad quality of your website. Colour combination apart, your website should contain a healthy proportion of text and graphics. Its design should be responsive so that it renders properly in all types of display units. Remember, more than 75 percentage of individuals worldwide nowadays surf the net through their smartphones. You stand to lose a major percentage of online purchasers, interested in products and services you promote, if your website does not render properly on their device. The specialists of an IT solutions company will check the HTML and CSS coding and rectify it to ensure that it displays perfectly, irrespective of the size of the display.

The need for sound structure behind the website, held up by quality IT systems

A structurally sound website should have important information above the fold (the portion that displays at the top of the screen). This allows the visitor to see the information without resorting to scrolling. The site should have links to its different pages at the top as well as the bottom, and have a link to the home page on every other page. It should not contain too many images on its index page, as this slows loading time, and might cause potential customers to leave, especially if they have a slow internet connection. Ideally, the index page should contain thumbnails of images, containing links to the page having the main image.

The importance of good branding in terms of logo, design

The logo of your company should inform visitors what your business is about. For example, the logo of "Amazon" contains an arced line with an arrow at its end, and starting from `A' and ending in `Z'. This signifies that the company sells everything from A to Z. The design of your site should have a natural flow and should be appealing too. Using lots of white space works wonders.

How a template could conveniently make a website look attractive

Instead of spending a massive sum of money to get your website designed, opt for a template instead, which is a ready to use webpage. Most web hosting companies offer such templates free. You can also purchase them from reputable companies that specialise in designing such templates. Simply replace the images and text on the template with that of yours.